In the beginning, there was cake...

Our mission is simple: Better baking, delivered fresh.

That's the shorthand version, but if you're looking for something a little deeper, here goes....

Send Cake! is more than just cake. It's a great way to let people know that they're cared about. It's authentic and it's personal. It's home made. And it's delicious. We're on a mission to help you send personal messages to your friends and loved ones all over the UK, alongside our awesome cake-filled gift boxes.

We want people to taste with all their senses.

Our story

Martha Williams, the 'Head Baker Happiness Maker', is the creative driving force behind Send Cake! She spends half of her time baking, half of her time running the business, and all of her time raising her family.

Martha Williams

Here's why she set up the business...

"Pre-parenthood, I spent a good few years working in Education and Social Care. A real people person, I endeavoured to help the families I worked with achieve and sustain positive change. Even the tiniest of steps forward were motivation enough to keep at it.

Doing this, I noticed the power that small gestures can have in helping bring people together. Then, when I became a mum to two beautiful little humans, the penny really dropped. Preparing and sharing food with those we care about has been the main thing that demonstrates our love for each other for centuries!

That's not so easy in the modern, busy world - so I set up Send Cake! from my family home, so that people could share a little slice of happiness and tell each other why they care. 

And yep, on occasion I can be found knocking up a batch of delicious bakes whilst my beloved children swing from my apron strings, but based on the reactions I get from people that try Send Cake! there's no chance that I'm stopping any time soon."

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another one of those casual, low-key affairs. Oh no. Awesome things are happening in the Send Cake! kitchen.

Food hygiene

In case you were wondering, our kitchen has been inspected by the Environmental Health Team from Herefordshire Council and we're proud to have been awarded 5* rating for Food Hygiene. We're also up to date with our Food Safety training and we're insured for Public Liability, so there's no worries in those departments either.